In Vessan Reality the real estate experts provide a complex of professional services for our clients during the whole business transaction. Up to your preferences and taste our company guarantees legal support and liquid investment offer

Primary housing market

In Czech Republic (Prague), the greatest investment demand is linked with primary estate market (residential living projects).

The goals of investment to the new residential living:

The phases of document preparation for the primary housing market

1)Reservation contract
  • reservation payment 1.800-3700 euro during 3-5 days
  • reservation term 30 days
2)2. Promissory agreements for the future
sales and purchase
  • payment 10-20% of price during 7-14 days on the deposit account
  • construction permit
3)The sales and purchase contract
  • surcharge 80-90% after commissioning of the new project
  • the ownership registration in National Inventory of Czech Republic
  • the transmission of the keys to the owner and acceptance report

The second estate market

The second market property has a lot of benefits, but the main is readiness for use. Actually, the important is to control the legality of documentation, technical specifications of the apartments or house, repair fund and the way of house society functioning.

The real estate experts from VESSAN Reality are ready to help you in cooperation with the experienced lawyers and technical specialists. The main purpose of our team is to provide a qualified service, that will help you to find the best property according to you taste and preferences. With our help you can reach the best result in short time for the best price. You can depend on us during the whole deal.

The phases of document preparation

1) Reservation contract
  • reservation payment 3% from the price during 3-5 days
  • the reservation term is 30 days
2) 2. The money storage contract,
sales and purchase contract
  • full payment 100%- the payment term is by agreement, usually 10 days
  • the paperwork, registration in National Inventory (the condition is full payment 100%)
  • the finish step of money storage after the registration of the ownership

Investment opportunity

1) Installment payment from developer

The acquisition of real estate in Czech Republic on the construction stage has several great advantages. Firstly, you have an opportunity to get an installment payment from the developer. In this conditions you have to pay just 10-20% from the price. And secondly you are able to pay the last of the price after construction completion.

2) The mortgage

Because of stable economic system in Czech Republic, the loan rates are extremely low. According to our experience, the loan rate is going down during the whole deal process.

The loan rate and conditions

The loan rate depends on several factors. The first one is the customer residential status (resident or non-resident). The second one is the official level of income.
Option 1
For resident with official income in Czech Republic
  • Application review term- 2 weeks
  • Requirements: employment contract, official income (3-6-month period), good reputation
  • Loan amount – 80% from property price
  • Loan rate 2.5% p.a.
  • Loan term 20-30 years, fixed rate 1-10 years
Option 2
For resident and non-resident clients with abroad income.
  • Application review term- 2 - 10 weeks
  • Requirements: employment contract, official income for the last 6-month period, good reputation
  • Loan amount – 60% from property price
  • Loan rate 3.29 % p.a.
  • Loan term 20 years, fixed rate 5 years.
The conditions can be individual, according to the situation, when you buy the commercial property
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