Apartment near the riverside

«Rezidence u Náplavky»

Praha 5
  • Payment by installments
  • 10 min. to the city center by public transport
  • Completion date
  • Areafrom 39 to 101 sq.m.
    Roomsfrom 1 to 3
  • Number of apartments10
    Type of housemonolith
  • Number of storeys3
    Underground parking
  • 1kk
    2 flats from 4 800 000 Kč 50 sq.m.
  • 2kk
    1 flats from 6 100 000 Kč 60 sq.m.
  • 3kk
    1 flats from 4 985 000 Kč 101 sq.m.


Neorenaissance building on Pivovarská Street that tells the story of the historical development of urban development in the second half of the 19th century. In the immediate vicinity of the legendary brewery, it combines elements of the renaissance with an industrial style. You can recognise the building from afar by its noble feature in the form of a balcony with a balustrade. The flats will be prepared as shell and core. The state of the shell & core includes the completed carcase without an internal layout or internal distribution systems (only connection points), surfacing and composition of flooring.

The inhabitants of the residence are only a minute walk away from the closest tram stop, Na Knížecí. A few steps beyond that you can find the well-known bus station and an entrance to the Anděl (B) metro station, thanks to which you can travel comfortably around Prague. Would you prefer something special? In that case you can head out on the new ferry instead of the tram. You will also find its station a few steps away from the building. A bit further away, though not far, you can get on a train at Smíchov Station and head out of the city.

The quiet Pivovarská Street does not only offer a peaceful night’s sleep, but also parking without any needless difficulties. Drivers will definitely be pleased by the proximity of the traffic arteries such as Strahov Tunnel and Mrázovka Tunnel. The residence is surrounded by restaurants to which gourmets from all of Prague flock, and every international cuisine is represented here. Those who love fresh vegetables, fruit and hearty fare will enjoy the regularly-held farmer’s markets on the opposite bank of the Vltava River. Of course you can find preschools, elementary and high schools and even universities within a reasonable distance from the residence. On the way to school you can stop at the legendary Smíchov Sports Club.

Live in a neighbourhood with character, in a location with history, in the building of your dreams… Live in Smíchov.

Completion date: summer 2019

  • Near the park
  • Comfort class


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  • 1+kk
  • 2+kk
  • 3+kk
Apartment number Plan Rooms Area Floor Information Price Status More
24# Plan 1+kk 50 sq.m. 2 floor
4 800 000 Kč
34 Plan 1+kk 50 sq.m. 3 floor
4 985 000 Kč
31# Plan 2+kk 60 sq.m. 3 floor
6 100 000 Kč
2* Plan 3+kk 101 sq.m.
4 985 000 Kč
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32 Plan 1+kk 39 sq.m. 3 floor
15 Plan 1+kk 52 sq.m. 1 floor
36 Plan 1+kk 55 sq.m. 3 floor
1* Plan 2+kk 57 sq.m.
14 Plan 2+kk 58 sq.m. 1 floor
21 Plan 2+kk 55 sq.m. 2 floor

* - Atelier
Tyto půdorysy byly vytvořeny pro markentingové účely. Developer se tímto nevzdává práva na případné změny, úpravy či doplnění tohoto marketingového materiálu. Jeho závazná podoba bude předmětem smlouvy mezi developerem a klientem. Znázorněné vybavení a nábytek v bytové jednotce je pouze ilustrativní a není součástí předmětu dle smlouvy o převodu vlastnictví jednotky.

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