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«Byty Maleshice»

Praha 10
  • Payment by installments
  • 20 min. MHD do centra města
  • Completion date
    2015 year
  • Areafrom 109 to 163 sq.m.
    Roomsfrom 2 to 4
  • Number of apartments16
    Type of housemonolith
  • Number of storeys16
    Underground parking


ByTy Malešice, Second Phase is a unique project in the Czech Republic, marrying a love for architecture with a love for nature with one aim: to create a perfect balance between the buzz of the city and the countryside, to create a harmony for the living needs of individuals, couples and families.

Our complex will also create something which has been missing in Malešice: a new centre where locals and those from further away can meet up and chat, and also where all the services you need can be found, such as shopping, visiting the doctor, the bank or hairdresser and all sorts of leisure activities.

Plus lucrative commercial space located in all ground floor units which present a great opportunity to entrepreneurs and provide further services to people living here, such as a supermarket and spa/wellness facilities.

  • Near the park
  • Fitness Centre
  • Video monitoring
  • Parking


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Apartment number Plan Rooms Area Floor Information Price Status More
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D1.12.04 Plan 2+kk 118 sq.m. 12 floor
F1.13.04 Plan 2+kk 158 sq.m. 13 floor
E1.05.04 Plan 3+kk 146 sq.m. 5 floor
D1.13.02 Plan 3+kk 122 sq.m. 13 floor
E1.08.01 Plan 3+kk 134 sq.m. 8 floor
F2.08.01 Plan 3+kk 116 sq.m. 8 floor
F1.15.01 Plan 3+kk 142 sq.m. 15 floor
F1.14.02 Plan 3+kk 154 sq.m. 14 floor
F1.15.02 Plan 3+kk 163 sq.m. 15 floor
D1.11.03 Plan 4+kk 118 sq.m. 11 floor
E1.04.04 Plan 4+kk 144 sq.m. 4 floor
D1.14.01 Plan 4+kk 152 sq.m. 14 floor
F1.14.01 Plan 4+kk 109 sq.m. 14 floor
D1.15.01 Plan 4+kk 151 sq.m. 15 floor
E2.08.01 Plan 4+kk 119 sq.m. 8 floor
D1.16.02 Plan 4+kk 151 sq.m. 16 floor

* - Atelier
Tyto půdorysy byly vytvořeny pro markentingové účely. Developer se tímto nevzdává práva na případné změny, úpravy či doplnění tohoto marketingového materiálu. Jeho závazná podoba bude předmětem smlouvy mezi developerem a klientem. Znázorněné vybavení a nábytek v bytové jednotce je pouze ilustrativní a není součástí předmětu dle smlouvy o převodu vlastnictví jednotky.

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