Buying of a real estate business

Buying shares of the real estate business

Profitability from real estate investments can reach 10-15% p.a.

Investor have an opportunity to buy a share in real estate business and have a stable monthly return from rent payments. That offer gives the unique chance to our clients to take parts in various investment projects and differentiate their financial capital. Paying capacity of renters and long-term rent contracts guarantee monthly returns.

Shareholders in real estate business have several benefits:

Already 400 000 EUR is enough to become a co-owner of a big and successful business

According to our experience, we cooperate with various type of investments. Long-term partnership with investors and complex services are an important component of our business philosophy.

More than 20 real estate experts
are working
on the project
More than 500 real estates
are managing everyday
The individual investment
project was chosen
Vessan Reality controls
and manage the process,
but you receive the money
You got a help in credit processing
(the loan amount) to start
the project
Now you are a legal owner
with keys
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